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Beef-fest was started back in the year 2000, the brain-child of two young visionaries The General and Spanners. The now legendary gathering was conceived simply as a way of taking advantage of the "two pounds of rump steak for a fiver" promotion that a local Birmingham butcher was offering on a warm June day all that time ago.
That first barbeque session featured a meagre two competitors, a number which at "2001 - A Beef Odyssey" swelled to a staggering seven and a half ('cos Hippy's a veggie... we're not quite sure why).
While the weather tried unsuccessfully to dampen our spirits at 2002 - a Beef Palindrome, more beef was consumed than ever before and the delerium that ensued from such suddenly raised blood iron levels resulted in tuneless karioke around Evils's piano and Scooby Doo themed fancy dress.

Now, three years on from our humble beginnings we have brought Beef-fest online so as to join forces with beef/hot-meat/barbeque enthusiasts across the world and spread the sheer manliness of Beef-fest.
This year's official beef-fest gathering will be held on Wednesday the fourteenth of June at Beef HQ in Birmingham. Guests are by invitation only. To apply for entry, email If female, send a photo (of you) and if male, send your credit card number.

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