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2003 - Beef Is The Word

OK so for a long while there it was unknown in what format '2003 - Beef Is The Word' would occur. All founding members and many more recent converts are scattered around the country. The General is in London, Spanners is in Belfast, Ood is in Wednesbury to name just three. However Beef-Fest has become more than a party to them, it is a way of life. The time and the location of 'Beef Is The Word' may be a little disrupted but as was written in the ancient Beefy Scrolls of Babylon:


And it certainly has. The Rock is still living at Beef HQ along with Captain Random and has volunteered to host this year's event making it the third year in a row at the same spot. Spanners is flying in especially, the General and Pimpin Gangsta Emmy G are taking some time out of their poncy London Socialite schedule and Ood is... getting a bus. At this time it is unknown how many of the original competitors will be present but there have been tenuous acceptances from The Hipster and Randy Barbie Meatball. We are also hoping for some all neew competitors, who will take over the running of the event and keep it going for many years to come.

Remember that the regulations allow a maximum of two competitors per barbecue so prior arrangements may need to be made for a "Beef Buddy". In the case of competitors arriving without 'Beef Buddies', these will be allocated at the discretion of Spanners and The General according to the manliness of competitors' meat supplies and estimated probability of the quota being met.

Next year's quota is the same as this year - two pounds of steak and a pound of mixed grill. See the rules page for further regulations and bonuses such as the 'Connoisseurial Raised Eyebrow'.

Although personal menus have not yet been finalised, Spanners is thinking that he may include several pork sausages, a couple of turkey drummers, a lamb chop and some fresh sea bass or trout. In contrast The General is leaning towards rashers of smoked bacon, two pork chops, a fat quarter pounder burger and a pile of chicken nuggets. Obviously a fine balance must be stuck between manly amounts of red-meat and less weighty light-meats.