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Beef-Fest 2000

To most it was just an ordinary day in that warm Summer month of June 2000 but to two young entrepreneurs, that day was the culmination of almost half a week of work. It was their dream to take a group of average college students and unite them with their common love of beef and all things meat. It would be an outside show with live music, spectators as far as the eye could see and plenty of cold beer. It would be called


To some it was simply a party but to Spanners and The General it was a turning point, it was a life achievement, it was the next level of human evolution. Never before had so many students eaten so much beef cooked over such a small disposable barbeque. Never before had an event of this scale been conceived an organised by two so young.
OK, so it was only two competitors with twelve friends but it was definately the high point of the term. And they both ate their full beef quotas!

The General and Spanners take their final bites.

Evil and The Hippy enjoy a beer and some vegetables.

The General and Evil provide some live music.

Post-fest celebration.

Spanners is liking that cow arse!

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